Ayala's Herbal Water. Still Lavender Mint

Still Lavender Mint

Escape into the flavorful and aromatic world of luscious lavender and delicate spearmint with Ayala's Lavender Mint Herbal Water. Hints of lemongrass and thyme enhance this powerful blend with a citrusy sweetness and subtle clean undertones.

A case of twelve 16 fl.oz. plastic (PET 1) bottles. Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

Open the bottle and take a deep breath. Inhale a scent of organic lavender so fine you can almost feel the warm breeze swaying the fragrant flower buds. Let the spearmint rejuvenate your senses, while a little lemongrass and thyme ground you in the moment. Take the first sip and remind your taste buds of the simple delight of real, natural flavor.



Lavender (Lavandula)

Mint (Mentha viridis)

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Ayala's Herbal Water is the first certified organic flavored water that's made from all organic ingredients and available nationwide.

100% Good For You!®

Naturally Enhanced Flavored Water™