About Us | Ayala's Herbal Water

We believe that culinary herbs are the natural way to add real flavor and enhance food and drink, naturally.

About Us

The Herbal Water story begins in the spring of 2007, in the garden of Dr. Ayala. A passionate cook, trained pediatrician, talented artist and lifelong vegetarian, Dr. Ayala has spent years exploring healthy, tasty ways to feed children and adults.

Seeking an alternative to sugar-laden and artificially flavored beverages, Dr. Ayala created her own blends of herb-infused waters that magically satisfy thirst and restore the spirit. Among her family and friends, Dr. Ayala's herbal waters became famous for their uniquely refreshing tastes and aromas.

Full of flavor yet free of calories, artificial sweeteners, and artificial chemicals, these naturally fragrant beverages evoke happy feelings, like a breeze in a sunny garden. The growing demand for these tasty herbal waters led Dr. Ayala to bring Ayala's Herbal Water to everyone.

Ayala's Herbal Water is the first nationally available flavored water made with organic ingredients. Each Herbal Water blend is all-natural and sets a new standard for healthy beverages: zero calories, zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors, and zero chemical preservatives.

Nothing but great taste from pure water, infused with the finest natural herbs from around the world and kept fresh in a beautiful bottle for your enjoyment.

Our Philosophy

At Herbal Water®, we make our zero calorie flavored water by infusing organic herbal extracts in natural spring water from the Blue Ridge mountains. We use no sugar or sweeteners of any kind. We believe that culinary herbs are the natural way to add real flavor and enhance any food or drink. For centuries, herbs have been prized for their calming, stimulating, and aphrodisiac qualities. Ayala's flavored water harnesses the power of these natural wonders in a delightfully refreshing, mellow, yet complex, aromatic drink.

We believe in eating real food and in a healthy diet, with lots of flavor and great nutrition. While food fads come and go, centuries of experience confirm the wisdom of plant-based foods – fruits, vegetables, and pure herbs. We believe the best nutrients come from foods, not from artificial supplements.

With Ayala's Herbal Water, we're pleased to offer you a refreshing introduction to the brilliant tastes and rich traditions of fragrant herbs. Welcome to a new era of herbal flavors that delight your senses, naturally.