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May 2014

Fitness Magazine recommends Ayala's Herbal Water hydration

Just in time for warmer weather, Fitness Magazine's Stephanie Dolgoff published an ultimate hydration guide. In case you're bored with water she rocommends:

"....sparkling Ayala's Herbal Water (cinnamon-orange peel or ginger-lemon peel) make quenching your thirst less snoozy."

Fitness Magazine May 2014

March 2014

Herbal Water's CEO nominated for REAL Food Innovator Award

Herbal Water's CEO, Albert Cahana, was honored with a nomination for a REAL Food Innovator Award for his leadership in healthy beverage production. He's in good company: Other nominees include First Lady Michelle Obama, Chef Jamie Oliver, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mark Bittman, Jeff Moyer of the Rodale Institute, Chef Jose Andres and Seth Goldman of Honest Tea.

The awards are hosted by the United States Healthful Food Council, a nonprofit NGO dedicated to fighting obesity and diet-related disease by increasing the consumption of healthful and sustainable food and beverages.

Awards are divided into eight categories: Nutrition Awareness/Disease Prevention, Beverage, Child Nutrition, Food Access, Food Production, Food Marketing, Government Official, and Nonprofit Advocacy.


March 2014

Gourmet Retailer: Water products are going well beyond basic H20

The Gourmet Retailer covers the specialty food industry, and in this month's issue, Lynn Petrak reports on specialty beverages, stating that there's a craving for new offerings, people are willing to pay more for healthy beverages, and that there's rapid growth in the category.

"Flavored waters, which have been around for years now, are available in a broader array of varieties with unique add-ins, especially botanicals. Ayala's Herbal Water, for instance, specializes in artesian water fused with organic herbal extracts in flavors such as Lemongrass Mint Vanilla and Lemon Verbena Geranium.

At specialty food store Best Choice Market in Ludington, Mich., manager Cary Wooster says that botanical waters have been a hit. 'Our lavender and mint waters have done better than we expected ... People really seem to like them,' she reports."

February 2014

Fake Food Free's recipes use Sparkling Ayala's Herbal Water

Nutritionist and writer Lori Rice is a world traveler, healthy lifestyle enthusiast and foodie. She introduces her readers to her favorite find, Ayala's Herbal Water:

"The flavor combinations are anything but boring, but I thought me simply showing you water in a post might be. So I decided a couple cocktails were in order. The sparkling varieties are perfect for cocktails."

What follows are lovely recipes and photos:

"None of the flavors need much to be turned into a great cocktail, especially since the refreshing flavor of the water should come through. I decided to use the Lemongrass Mint Vanilla and the Ginger Lemon Peel. A great choice. (P.S. The Lavender Mint is great with gin and the Cinnamon Orange Peel goes well with dark rum.)"

November 2013

Ayala's Herbal Water makes a splash

USA Today's Business section features Dr. Ayala and Ayala's Herbal Water. In a full length article Marla Cimini explores how Herbal Water evolved from an idea in the mind of a food lover and home cook, to a national brand with a mission to change the way people drink.

And the market reaction? Marla spoke with Debbie Green, owner of Nutrition Works in Medford, who has been selling Herbal Water for three years.

"Our customers love the unique taste...I don't drink alcohol so I bring Ayala's sparkling water as my beverage to BYOB restaurants in South Jersey. I also bring the beautiful sparkling water bottles as hostess gifts instead of wine. They pair well with different foods based on the herbs used in the water."