Sparkling Ayala’s Herbal Water® Cinnamon Orange-Peel Wins Prevention Magazine’s HEALTHY FOOD AWARD

Sparkling Ayala's Herbal Water was awarded a coveted Healthy Food Award from Prevention Magazine, and was the only beverage to win this year's prize.

With more than 500 contenders to pass the nutritionists' health test, the best products were selected by a comprehensive taste-test, whose panelists suggested Herbal Water is the answer to calorie packed soda and fruit juices. "With a blend of tangy orange peel and spicy cinnamon, taking a sip of this beautifully bottled beverage gives you a spa-like experience even at your desk", raved the editors, who were excited about the organic herbal flavors and the absence of calories, sweeteners and preservatives.

Prevention Healthy Food Reward 2012 w/COP